RAM-100 del Sureste


Established in 1984, specially designed to serve the National Oil Industry, in the areas of :

– Coatings for mechanical and corrosion protection of surface installations, overhead and subway pipelines.
– Non-metallic mechanical reinforcements.
– Metal reinforcements for pipelines.
– Reinforcements for duct welds.
– System for the immobilization of clandestine fuel pipelines.
– Protection of concrete walls and floors.

Since then, professionalism, constant research, quality and commitment to our customers have been the characteristics that have led our products to become a recognized brand in the oil and industrial field in Mexico.

We have always proudly distinguished ourselves in the areas of corrosion prevention and remediation of this damaging and costly process to which steel pipes and structures are subjected.

RAM-100®products for mechanical protection are also an excellent option for the protection of concrete floors, neutralization pits and in general where total waterproofing and resistance to the attack of aggressive products or organisms is required.

In order to maintain and demonstrate the high quality of our products and services, we have constantly carried out follow-up and functionality tests in the field, as well as laboratory tests that allow us to validate the physical, chemical, mechanical and anticorrosive characteristics indicated in our technical data sheets.



Our Professional Chemical Design plant was inaugurated in 1990 for the manufacture of coatings and epoxy resins.

In 2005 the RAM-100® Application Plant was inaugurated, strategically located in the Port of Veracruz, focused on the exterior and interior application of RAM-100® coating on new pipes, fully automated, with 30,000 m2 of pipe storage yards for process and processed pipes; and 3600 m2 of industrial buildings with modern equipment facilities for cleaning and exterior and interior application, on pipes from 2 “Ø to 48 “Ø.

Since 2008 we have the Automated On-Site Application Service (Mobile Plant with ISO certification) for projects that due to their volume and location justify the installation of the temporary plant on site for exterior and interior application, in pipes from 2 “Ø to 48 “Ø.

In 2008, we inaugurated our metal-mechanical plant for the manufacture of metal reinforcement sleeves for RAMFILL® pipelines.

Evaluations and certifications


Our products are manufactured under the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 (NMX-CC-9001-IMNC-2015) with certificate number ATR-7472 and the Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015 (NMX-SAA-14001-IMNC-2015) with certificate number ATR-7377 both evaluated by American Trust Register, S. C.

We are certified by ABS Group Services de México, S. A. de C. V. for our manufacturing methods and application and installation procedures based on PEMEX reference standards and the international standards applicable in each case.
Certificate of Compliance with Standards NRF-026-PEMEX-2008 and NRF-004-PEMEX-2012 issued by Bureau Veritas Mexicana, S. A. de C. V. RAM-100 has participated in the external support group in the revisions of the reference standards:


All laboratory analysis and field test reports, technical data sheets and application and installation procedures are available to our customers both at our headquarters and with our authorized distributors.


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