Oleoducto Central S.A. – Ocensa provides integral logistics services for the transportation, storage and export of crude oil in Colombia, operating and maintaining the country’s main oil pipeline.

Oleoducto Central S.A., Ocensa, is the backbone of Colombia’s Midstream and one of the most extensive linear infrastructures in the country. Spanning 836 km underground and 12 km undersea, it constitutes the most efficient and secure connection between the Llanos Orientales, Colombia’s main producing region, national refineries, and the export port of Coveñas, in the Caribbean Sea.

The Ocensa system features eleven stations – including nine pumping stations, one pressure reduction station, and a maritime export terminal – tanks for storing up to five million barrels, and a base for coordinating maintenance activities.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, rigorous safety standards, and a deep understanding of the local environment, Ocensa has successfully served the Colombian industry for 30 years, providing:

  • Receipt and dispatch of light, blended, and heavy crude oils from the Llanos Orientales node, through direct feeder lines from Colombia’s main production fields, and a truck unloading facility.

  • Storage capacity of up to 5 million barrels.

  • Operation of the heavy crude co-dilution system with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) at the Cusiana station.

  • Concessionaire of the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) of Colombia as a port operator at the Coveñas Maritime Terminal until 2036.

  • Ocensa is a certified Carbon-Neutral company and has ventured into renewable energy generation, with two solar parks that supply its own operation and other companies in Colombi’s Midstream at the Maritime Terminal and the Vasconia station (in the Middle Magdalena region), contributing to ambitious decarbonization goals.

The pipeline traverses a challenging topographical profile, crossing two mountain ranges and twenty-six watersheds, including two of the country’s main rivers and unique ecosystems. By achieving measurable sustainability outcomes for industry, communities, and the environment, as well as the exchange of knowledge and ideas through international cooperation platforms, Ocensa will continue to drive progress and collaboration among all stakeholders, promoting well-being, regional competitiveness, and a just energy transition.