MIS Marine is the industry’s leading Marine Assurance technology expert, providing ship verification and compliance solutions that help charterers, ports and terminals manage safety, environmental and operational performance.
Unlike other technology providers, we are marine specialists. Our deep industry knowledge and customer insight allows us to truly understand the needs and challenges of the industry. From staying on top of new rules and requirements to managing compliance and complex information management, we’re here to help.
That’s why we developed Mainstay©, the industry’s only reliable source for vessel condition and compliance. Integrating multiple data sources, rules and analysis so you can make informed decisions, minimize risk, promote safety, avoid contamination, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Subject to constant development and upgrading, Mainstay now supports the entire voyage lifecycle, from nomination and research, to port dispatch and scheduling, to reporting and improvement planning.
Supporting customers worldwide, we proudly work as a technology provider for the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) to continuously improve and support their suite of programs, thus furthering the industry’s goal of marine safety and environmental protection.