We promote the development of the clean hydrogen industry in Mexico, coordinating strategies and actions in an efficient and organized manner. In a global context seeking sustainable energy sources, hydrogen has become a key resource for reducing dependence on fossil fuels and addressing climate change. In Mexico, we are committed to leading this transition to a greener future.

Our work focuses on a comprehensive approach involving governments, businesses and society in general. We work closely with government authorities to establish policies and regulations that encourage investment and innovation in this industry. Simultaneously, we promote research and development of advanced technologies for hydrogen production, storage and distribution.

Our main priority is green hydrogen, generated from renewable energy sources, which not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also strengthens Mexico’s energy security by diversifying our energy sources. In addition, we promote international cooperation to exchange knowledge and experience in this field.

We envision Mexico becoming a global leader in the clean hydrogen industry, generating jobs, driving economic growth and contributing significantly to the fight against climate change. We are committed to a cleaner, more sustainable future for generations to come, and we believe that the hydrogen industry will play a key role in achieving that goal.