Since 1989, MARVAL has been providing services to its clients through its business lines, offering integral solutions in the entire logistics, maritime and port value chain.

Through its four business lines, MARVAL provides the following services:

  • Maritime Services
    • Maritime agency
    • Container depot
    • Marine and subsea services
    • Industrial maintenance of warehouses and terminals
    • Shipping agent
  • Shipping Services:
    • Conaval
    • Intermarine
  • Logistics Services:
    • Logistics centers
    • Valparaíso and San Antonio Extraports
    • Land Transportation
  • Port Services
    • Puerto Panul
    • Caldera Port

Marval, in its Maritime Services business line, offers a range of solutions that allow it to partially or integrally meet the needs of SPM, CBM and JETTY maritime terminals, under the highest standards of safety, quality and technology.

MARVAL for the Oil&Gas industry has structured a value proposition to ensure the safety of workers, the integrity of the terminals, the protection of the environment and operational reliability, providing the following services on a joint or individual basis

  • Maritime ConnectionsAssistance in the connection of vessels in SPM, CBM and/or JETTY terminals, assisting the transfer of crude oil, refined products, chemicals, LPG, MTB or others, in connection systems union-flange, camlock, mechanized arms, among others.
  • Port Facilities MaintenanceMaintenance: To ensure the operational continuity of the SPM, CBM and/or JETTY terminals, through the execution of preventive and corrective maintenance for land, port and underwater infrastructure.
  • Oil Spill ResponseOil Spill Response: Implementation of the first response control service, which consists of training and certification of maritime connections and maintenance personnel, together with a dedicated response group in oil spill containment, control and recovery procedures.
  • Clarification of oily waterIn case of undesired events, in which a volume of fresh or sea water is mixed with oily residues, it is necessary to clarify these volumes. For these cases MARVAL in alliance with ECOPORT, a company specialized in environmental management, has developed an in situ solution for the clarification process, achieving the segregation and recovery of water and oily residues.