What is ILTA:

Founded in 1974, the International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) is a key advocate and resource for the liquid terminal industry. Based in the Washington, DC area, ILTA advocates on behalf of the liquid terminal industry in Congress and federal agencies. ILTA also maintains close working relationships with other organizations that interact with the tank storage industry.

Our Mission

To benefit our members by providing resources that allow the liquid terminal industry to thrive.

Our vision

To be the leading advocate and resource for the international liquid terminal industry.

Our core values:

The following principles and beliefs reflect what is really important to us as an organization:

  1. Safety, Environment and Operational Excellence
  2. Committed members
  3. Innovative solutions
  4. Integrity, openness and respect


Terminal members

ILTA’s terminal members operate interconnected liquid terminals and aboveground storage tank facilities (tank farms) and provide services to the various modes of liquid transportation, including ships, barges, tank trucks, railcars and pipelines. Products handled include a wide variety of chemicals, along with crude oil, petroleum products, renewable fuels, asphalt, animal fats and oils, vegetable oils, molasses and fertilizers. Customers storing products at these facilities include petroleum producers and chemical manufacturers, product manufacturers, growers and food producers, utilities, transportation companies, commodity brokers, government agencies and the military.

Supplier members

ILTA’s supplier members provide a wide variety of equipment and services to the bulk liquid tank and terminal storage industry. Some organizations assist in obtaining building permits. Others build the tanks, dikes, docks and docks, and provide engineering and construction services. Others provide truck loading racks, gauges, meters, pumps, pipes and valves, for example, to complete or expand the physical plant. Operation services and equipment such as terminal automation, heating equipment, insulation and cathodic protection, among others too numerous to mention, are also provided. The equipment and services offered by ILTA’s supplier members are invaluable to the maintenance of terminal operations and to the efficient, economical and safe distribution of liquid products worldwide.


Membership and Meeting Contacts

Leakhena Swett
Vice President, Marketing and Member Experience

Meredith De Zemler
Director of Meetings and Member Experience

Chuck Wellard, CAE
director of operations /

Margaret ‘Meg’ D’Albora
Education and conference program
Operations and Executive Assistant to the President /

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