We generate projects with reliable solutions in the field of mechanical integrity.

Formed by a group of experienced Mexican professionals who have worked in the private and public Oil & Gas industry in Mexico, Central and South America, specializing in mechanical integrity management methodologies and its peripheral services such as: direct and indirect inspections, risk studies and cathodic protection systems.

The experience acquired has contributed to the successful execution and completion of numerous projects, meeting and exceeding expectations, in addition to developing improvements and solutions for project management with the help of current technological tools.

We are pleased to mention that we are one of the fastest growing companies in the industry and with a high rate of reliability from our customers, as a result of working under the foundation of generating projects that offer reliable solutions and according to the needs of customers.

Our goal is to be a company distinguished for generating the highest levels of reliability for the Oil & Gas industry, implementing mechanical integrity management systems, both in transportation and distribution pipelines as well as in process facilities and plants, getting involved in all the activities of the integrity management process, from the analysis and management of information, to mitigation activities and predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance, thus offering an integral service that facilitates decision making and project management.



To be recognized for our leadership in:

  • The effectiveness of studies to ensure mechanical integrity.
  • The speed and empathy with which we attend to our clients’ needs.
  • Technological development and innovation in the application of international best practices related to the management of the mechanical integrity of pipelines and industrial facilities.
  • Developing the potential of our personnel through training, coexistence and understanding of our needs. We use creativity to go beyond our initial goals.
  • Our total commitment to each project, 100% is no longer enough.



To generate projects that offer reliable solutions in the field of mechanical integrity, protecting people and the environment by offering safe and efficient solutions for the management of the energy industry.

To be empathetic with our clients, to be efficient and professional by using the latest technologies and, above all, by using the best asset we have, capable and professional people, passionate about what they do.

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