GPA Midstream, which has shaped the U.S. midstream energy sector for more than 100 years, sets standards for natural gas liquids; develops simple, reproducible test methods to define the industry’s feedstocks and products; manages a worldwide cooperative research program; provides a voice for the industry on Capitol Hill; and is the go-to resource for technical reports and publications. The annual GPA Midstream Convention is the premier meeting place for midstream professionals from around the world.


GPA Midstream represents corporate members of all sizes, including major natural gas liquids producers and companies engaged in the gathering and processing of natural gas into saleable energy products. Processing includes the removal of impurities from the crude gas stream produced at the wellhead, as well as the extraction of natural gas liquids (ethane, propane, butane and natural gasoline) for sale.


GPA Midstream was founded in 1921 to establish technical standards for the industry. Since then, the association’s technical committees have developed and maintained industry standards and reference bulletins and published more than 200 research reports. More than 1,000 volunteers from member companies around the world participate in GPA Midstream’s efforts.


In 2023, GPA Midstream led efforts that benefited the midstream industry, including crucial victories in court and with government agencies that provided greater regulatory certainty and saved millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours. The partnership administers the Let’s Clear the Air education and advocacy campaign, which raises awareness of the complexities, scope and advantages of meeting the demand for reliable, affordable and cleaner energy.


The annual GPA Midstream Convention, held every September, is the premier midstream event and brings together 2,000 professionals for three days of presentations, panel discussions and meetings covering promotional, technical and commercial topics. The convention offers abundant networking opportunities for the midstream industry. The GPA Midstream Technical Conference brings together the technical community for business meetings and presentations by industry leaders.


The GPA Midstream Safety Committee identifies and promotes best practices to improve employee and process safety, and to recognize companies and facilities with stellar safety records. The association tracks safety statistics for more than 50 million operator work hours covering 27,000 employees per year, showing that incident rates continue to decline.


GPA Midstream and its partner organization GPSA publish the acclaimed Engineering Data Book and offer training to help midstream professionals use this valuable resource in the field. Through GPSA, the associations represent the interests of suppliers, manufacturers and midstream service providers.

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