More than 50 years in maritime and river engineering: What began operations as an industrial diving services company and attention to underwater emergencies, today evolved into a comprehensive solution of specialized marine, underwater, environmental and oceanographic engineering services, thanks to the experience acquired, investments in infrastructure and integration of qualified human talent. Let us verify that at Buzca S.A. We offer engineering services with high standards of quality, safety and efficiency, from Cartagena de Indias – Colombia to Latin America.

General Activity:

Buzca S.A is an organization specialized in maritime and river construction and maintenance, providing specialized industrial diving services with the support of the best assets and technology in areas such as environmental, underwater and oceanographic with analysis of alternatives; Where based on information from experience in similar projects (Historical Data – Corporate Know How) they make each of them a special case with improvements in our processes and strengthening of corporate innovation applied in the development of On Shore and Off Shore structures. . This information becomes the input to carry out calculations and designs using software to do the pre-sizing and sizing of different structures such as piping systems, civil works, metal-mechanical structures, electrical systems, electronic control systems and process lines with technical deliverables. , under a list of materials and different data sheets of the designed equipment. We have extensive experience in the maritime and river field, strengthening our line of business in engineering design with the preparation of plans and execution of projects in everything related to the field of marine and underwater structures.