Becht provides technically excellent engineering solutions, plant services and software tools to our customers worldwide. We are the company a customer will turn to when they need the job done right. We are a growing and profitable company, responsive to customer needs, committed to excellence and ready to capture new and exciting opportunities.


Founded in 1964 by Charles Becht III, Becht began as a consulting firm serving industrial clients and the construction industry. In the five decades since its inception, the company’s focus has shifted to serving the energy sector. Becht now provides engineering consulting, plant services and software tools for the energy sector, including upstream and downstream oil and gas (encompassing both refining and production), petrochemical, chemical, industrial gas, fossil and nuclear power, as well as specialized support for innovative projects. technologies including direct coal liquefaction, biomass conversion and other alternative energy processes.


The Becht team comprises world-class resources that provide unparalleled engineering solutions: project/response management support and plant services. Under the direction of Charles (Chuck) Becht IV, PhD, PE, a recognized authority on pressure vessel, piping, expansion joint and elevated temperature design, Becht’s staff includes many world-class technical specialists (many of whom have retired after stellar careers with pioneering owner-operator organizations). We hold more than 125 positions on ASME, API, ASCE, ASTM and other codes and standards committees, including many leadership positions. The knowledge base of these highly regarded resources enables Becht to provide the right team of experts to meet any challenge that arises.In addition to providing engineering solutions for challenging technical situations, Becht also has a staff of experienced refining industry professionals who are prepared to help understaffed organizations execute projects and outages safely and efficiently within budget and on time.


Becht’s services and expertise include design analysis, fitness for service, equipment consulting, machinery services, reliability consulting, systems consulting, delivery support services, owner’s project support, heavy lifting, IR imaging of fired heaters, laser scanning/dimensional control, corrosion and materials, high energy pipelines, energy industry services, litigation support, due diligence, process consulting, operations support, training and mentoring, and software solutions.

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