Ancor Pipelines Integrity is a company specialized in the analysis and evaluation of data in the area of pipeline integrity, risk assessment, cathodic protection, corrosion and reliability. We provide engineering support with presence and accelerated growth in Europe, Latin America and the United States.

We offer a cost-effective and more efficient service through our expertise in data analysis, agility in response time and competitive rates, with the help of our Remote Operation Plan; always following internationally recognized standards and regulations to ensure safe conditions for the environment, facilities and the population.

Our mission is to provide pipeline integrity support that allows our clients to evaluate and detect integrity conditions in their systems in a timely manner, in order to implement technical recommendations that allow them to adequately orient resources (human, material, equipment, tools and financial), based on the application of effective strategies within the operational context, to help maximize the profitability of the business.

Our main services:

– Comparison of internal inspections

– Fitness for Service (Levels, 1, 2 and 3)

– Review of internal and external corrosion mechanisms.

– Cathodic protection analysis and design

– Among others