4A INSPECTION has well-trained technicians with a broad base of knowledge and experience who understand the inspection method, relevant procedures, industry codes and the nature of the environment in which they work. We provide visual inspection and response management services for the oil and gas, petroleum, petrochemical, pipeline, chemical, power generation and refining industries.

Our staff includes:

API 510 certified personnel for pressure equipment inspections.
API 653 certified personnel for tank testing and.
API 570 certified personnel for pressure pipeline inspections.
American Welding Society (AWSCWI) certified personnel for welding examinations and
Personnel with specialized qualifications such as API 936 Refractory Personnel Certifications.

NDT Specialist
Guided wave testing.
Tube inspection: eddy current and IRIS.
In-phase matrix and TOFD.
Acoustic emission.
Specialized UT technologies: automated UT corrosion mapping and automated UT weld inspection.
Magnetic fields with “leakage” MFL scans: tank floor and vessel shell.

Conventional NDT

Manual ultrasonic inspection.
Magnetic particle inspection.
Inspection of penetrant dyes.
Portable hardness testing.
Radiographic inspection (X-rays).