Cortest has been the industry leader in providing high-quality corrosion and materials testing equipment for over four decades – since 1977. The company has an unrivaled reputation as the go-to supplier of custom test systems, having successfully completed some of the most challenging projects in the field.

With an extensive history in the testing industry, Cortest has provided corrosion testing services in its laboratories located in Houston, Texas, Columbus, Ohio, and Sheffield, England. The expertise gained in commercial laboratories has significantly improved product design, ensuring safe and efficient operation that meets the specific requirements of researchers. Cortest’s product line has grown exponentially over the years, beginning with the highly successful proof ring test system in 1977, which met the testing requirements of NACE TM 0177 and was used to determine materials that meet the NACE material requirement of MR 0175. Today, the product line includes an impressive range of equipment such as autoclaves, load frames, fume hoods, flow loops, deadweight testers, HIC tanks, magnetic drives, controls, software, and specialty equipment. The company’s equipment, designed explicitly to meet industry-standard testing methods, is considered the gold standard in the field.

Recently, Cortest has partnered with global industry leaders and universities to develop and manufacture safety-focused hydrogen test systems to perform evaluations of the integrity of materials in hydrogen within existing laboratories. As part of the effort to reduce our global carbon footprint, the production, storage, and transportation of hydrogen as a renewable and sustainable energy source is of increasing importance, an enclosed system was developed for testing with hydrogen at high pressures and temperatures with all necessary safety protection. Cortest Hydrogen Test Enclosures are designed to allow Hydrogen Studies to be safely conducted inside laboratories. These enclosures are equipped with ATEX Certified Ventilation Fans and an Automated Valve Panel in order to declassify the area for use with Autoclave Systems, Load Frames, and DCPD Testing Equipment.

Customers can confidently work directly with Cortest’s engineers to cost-effectively design a fully customized apparatus to precise specifications using the company’s standard products as a baseline. In addition to individual systems, Cortest frequently supplies fully outfitted new laboratories, including test equipment, fume hoods, safety systems, data acquisition, glassware, and other supplies.

Cortest equipment is available with PED, CSA, CE, DOSH, and the China Special Equipment Manufacture License certificates (upon request). To ensure the successful operation of Cortest equipment, installation, training, and commissioning services are available worldwide.